Film Loops

An ongoing series of digital video loops based on segments of hand-processed 16mm film. Various techniques are used to make the loops: patterned tape is attached to clear leader; 16mm film is used in 35mm and medium format cameras; expired film is hand-processed using household ingredients such as instant coffee and powdered green tea.

Many of these loops were screened as part of the ‘Echoing Calce’ live performance by Stefano De Ponti and Elia Moretti at the Imago/Varvara Festival in Turin, Italy.

Film loops 15, 16, and 31 screened at the ATHICA Micromedia Fest, held at the Athens Institute for Contemporary Art, in Athens, GA, USA and received an award for ‘Best one minute or less video.’

Barcelona March 2016

Porto March 2016

Kyoto roofscape in the snow


The Ryoanji temple garden

Filmed at Yoshida Jinja on the second evening of the annual Setsubun Festivities.

Filmed at Yoshida Jinja on the first evening of the annual Setsubun Festivities.

Filmed at Shisendo temple and developed in Matchanal (powdered green tea, vitamin C, washing soda). This garden influenced our thinking on Japanese garden design.

Kodak 7266 16mm film stand-developed in Matchanal – powdered green tea, vitamin C, and washing soda. Selected to screen as a ‘microfilm’ at the Port Orchard Film Festival in WA, USA.

Filmed during the first few days of 2016 at Shimogamo jinja. This film had a hot borax pre-wash which has caused the emulsion to reticulate.